2.2.0 Live!

2.2.0 Live!

2.2.0 Live!

Dear users,


A few days ago, we announced that we would make a new update. Finally our new update is live and we are happy about it. While developing our application, we pay great attention to user experience and ease of use. In this context, your notifications have been very important for us. I would like to thank all our team members who contributed to the development phase under this post. Let's talk about the innovations and features of the application.


The most obvious innovation of the app is some changes in its design and colors. However, the only new features are of course not limited to these. Previously, we were actively sharing basketball and tennis predictions. All of these predictions were listed under one page, and users could be confused. We aimed to list all these in separate categories and make them more original.



We enable you to switch between applications with the buttons (our logos) located at the bottom of the application. Each logo represents one of our applications, so instead of installing multiple applications, we enable access to everything from a single application. 



Now a new member has joined our product family! Our only comprehensive new VIP service for our basketball services is now with us! It will be enough to enter our application to learn detailed explanations about our VIP service.



Another change we made was the lucky wheel. In the previous system, there were 8 prizes, we increased these prizes to 12 and changed the amount of prizes. Now you have even more chances!



Update and enjoy our app to experience these new features and use them right away!


BeFuture Interactive