July Report #1

July Report #1

July Report #1

Dear users,


We have not been able to transfer information to you for a long time. I hope your health is good and you are taking good care of yourself. I am happy that I will convey our plans and thoughts to you again after a long time. We experienced some positive and negative developments on our behalf. I will briefly talk about them.


First of all, Google Inc. We decided to stop our sales partnership with the company for a reason (pricing policies, etc.). So our android users may encounter some problems while using our application. In the future, it is not certain that we will publish apps back to the android platform. But don't worry, we've designed our infrastructure and services for everyone to use. Our services are designed in a cross-platform structure. So you can access anywhere from the web, android and ios.


We have new plans for iOS. We will be offering a new update soon. Since the content of the update has not been finalized yet, I cannot share information about the update. But with this update, our application will become more useful and we will publish a new service.


Leagues are back to normal, our prediction service continues without any problems. We recently stopped our BeFixed and MixElite services. We will be launching a new service for the iOS platform soon.


We are not very active in the PAID tab lately. We are aware of this and will start actively using this service again.


For now, the information I will convey to you is limited to these. I will be here soon with update information!


BeFuture Interactive