July Report #3

July Report #3

July Report #3

Dear users,


I will provide preliminary information about our next update for the iOS platform. First, the date of the update to be made is not clear. We are working on the update and doing our tests.


The first feature we intend to add will be on localization. We have set 4 languages ​​for now, but we are considering increase them. We attach importance to localization We will try to implement this in every aspect of the application.


Secondly, you can now see the prices of the services prominently on the screen. We have received a lot of feedback on this and decided to add this feature.


Third, we mentioned that we will add a new service. We will add our BeFixed service in our Android version to the iOS platform. We have not been able to open this service on iOS platform due to some problems before. We fixed this issue after meeting with Apple.

Fourth, we plan to make a few innovations on the design. We know that this design is very useful with the feedback we receive from you. We are considering adding just a few color adjustments, day and night mode plugin. But adding this feature is not certain.


That's all I have to say about the updates for now. See you in a new article!


BeFuture Interactive