About the New Season (Campaign)

About the New Season (Campaign)

Dear users,


After a long time, we are back with a blog post. We hope you are healthy and well. As you know, the new season will start with August and the leagues will be revived. Due to the lack of consistent matches in the leagues during these stagnant months, some of our services were unintentionally interrupted. However, as always, it is our first goal to keep the satisfaction of our users at the highest level in this process. In purchased subscriptions and services, if the match is not shared, we protect your subscription period and prevent loss of days.


We will have a 15-day campaign for you to start the new season 1-0 ahead. Within the scope of the campaign, we will have 20 days + 20,000 BICoins for our users who buy our 1-month products, and 60 days + 60.000 BICoins for those who buy our 3-month products.


Campaign start date 15.06.2021 00:00 GMT +03:00, campaign end date: 30.06.2021 00:00 GMT +03:00


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